Friday 2 March 2012

Please sponsor my half-marathon for Cancer Research UK

This year I will be running a half-marathon and aiming to raise £2000 for Cancer Research UK. This is enough to sequence a Cancer genome which many of you will know is something we are doing in my lab. CRUK spent £332M in 2011 on Cancer research.

I'd like to ask readers of this blog to give generously by visiting my fundraising page.

The Core-Genomics blog got almost 9000 page-views last month so that is only about £0.25p per read to raise £2000!

If you prefer to donate by sequencing cancer genomes for CRUK directly then let me know and we'll try to work out the best way of getting this done.

I am aiming to run in 2h30m which is about as long as it would take to sequence 30bp on the MiSeq in my lab. Each £1 raised will sequence about 60Mb on the HiSeq sequencer we use for Cancer genomes and £15 will buy 1Gb.

The race is on March 11th and I'll keep an eye out for faces in the crowd and I know some of you will be running alongside me (for a while at least). Thanks for your support and please do feel free to pass this along to anyone you think would be happy to sponsor my run for CRUK.

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