Thursday 27 September 2012

A new blog to watch for NGS wanabees

I wanted to point my readers to BiteSizeBio as I have been writing for them for about a year now and my latest post has just been published on the NGS channel, A Short History of Sequencing Part 1.

BiteSizeBio offers; "brain food for biologists". It offers short articles on all things biological from Analytical Chemistry and Bioinformatics to Statistics and Technologies and Techniques. There are tips on how to survive in the lab and fun stuff as well.

New to BiteSizeBio are their blog channels dedicated to particular topics. My latest post is on the Next Generation Sequencing channel, there are others for Cloning & Expression, Microscopy & Imaging and Writing / Publishing / Presenting.

I'd encourage you to also get involved by contributing your own articles or by submitting a tip to make life easier in the lab.

I started writing my blog and the articles for BiteSizeBio because I wanted to do more writing and most of it is done in my spare time at home or during lunch at work. I hope it is helping when it comes to writing or reviewing papers for work, but even if it does not help there it is very enjoyable.

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