Saturday 30 November 2013

How much does NGS cost: a logical puzzle

At our recent institute symposium I added an additional graphic to try and get people thinking about how much their sequencing costs.

Can you work it out: Below are six pairs of circles representing genome, methylome, RNA-seq (GX), ChIP-seq, Exomes and amplicons, size is proportional to cost and the two colours represent library preparation and sequencing.
  • Can you determine which application is which?
  • Which colour is library prep?
  • Which colour is sequencing?
  • How much do you think each application costs?

Answers in the form of comments or drop me an email. The results here surprised me, I thought people had a better idea of the actual costs but it turns out people have some pretty wild ideas!


  1. Very nice post. Working on the analysis! :)

  2. My guess:

    1) ChIP-Seq
    2) RNA-Seq
    3) Amplicon
    4) Exomes
    5) Genome
    6) Methylome

    Orange = prep; Red = sequencing

    Interested in seeing the results! Hope they aren't too far off - I only assist with the bioinformatic analysis!

  3. My guess:
    orange is sequencing (pricing is similar for all library prep methods), red is library prep

    1) genome
    2) RNA-seq
    3) exome
    4) methylome
    5) CHiP-Seq
    6) Amplicon

    My estimation is based on a pricing per lane sequencing.


  4. This is a fun game.

    In the order of my logic:
    #6 is Methylome, not presumably RRBS (Reduced Representation Bisulfite) but rather Whole Human, library ~$120, seq ~$5500 (~120GB seq)
    #5 is Whole Genome (~90GB seq), library ~$100, seq ~$4000
    #2 is Whole Exome (~5GB seq), library ~$40, seq ~$250
    #1 is ChIP, 5M tags, library prep ~$110, seq ~$150
    #4 is Gene Expression RNA-Seq, 3M tags, library prep ~$130, seq $90

  5. Can you determine which application is which?
    3-Amplicon Sequencing

    Which colour is library prep?
    Which colour is sequencing?

    How much do you think each application costs?

  6. Library prep = Red
    Sequencing = Orange
    1 = Genome
    2 = RNAseq
    3 = Amplicon
    4 = Exome
    5 = Methylome
    6 = ChIPseq

  7. This is our logic guess as analysis guys not knowing the current prices nor if the cost is per sample, per depth or per lane.

    Library prep = Red
    Sequencing = Orange (assuming constant cost for sequencing a whole lane with one individual)

    1: RNAseq
    2: Exome
    3: Amplicon
    4: Genome
    5: ChIPseq
    6: Methylome

    Or probably something totally different...

    Not sure about exome/ChIPseq.

    By the way, it would be really cool if you could add a blue circle with bioinformatics analysis cost.

  8. fun game!
    yellow=Seq, red = Prep
    1- genome
    2 - exome
    3- amplicons
    4- RNA seq
    5- CHIP seq
    6 - methylome


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