Wednesday 18 December 2013

Win a free MiSeqV3 600 cycle run: the Core Genomics Christmas Competition

Last month I posted a logical puzzle to see if people knew how much different next-gen sequencing applications cost? The repsonses have been varied!

Now Illumina have very kindly donated a MiSeq run and 250 iCredits as the prize for a festive competition. You can win a MiSeq 600 cycle run, which I'll put on one of the MiSeq's in my lab and deliver the data via BaseSpace, where you'll be able to use your free iCredits to analyse data using the BaseSpace apps.

What will YOU sequence: something Christmasssy perhaps; the fir tree genome's been done, the cranberry genome's underway and perhaps the Elf genome will be next! Serously though you can sequence pretty much whatever you like; you need to make your library and send it to my lab for sequencing, then crack on with your analysis.

How do you win this wonderful prize? Simple; follow this link and answer the questions in the updated and festive logical puzzle: Below are six pairs of Christmas baubles representing genome, methylome, RNA-seq (GX), ChIP-seq, Exome-seq and Amplicon-seq. The size of the baubles is proportional (or thereabouts) to cost and the two colours represent library preparation and sequencing.
  • Can you determine which application is which?
  • How much do you think each application costs?
  • Which colour baubles represent library prep and sequencing? 

Thanks to Illumina for their sponsorship of this contest on Core Genomics.Click here to enter the competition.


  1. Methylome? Are we talking MeDip, MDB or (RR)-BisSeq?
    Amplicon Seq - Homebrew or TSCA - how many amplicons
    ChIP-Seq - price including the IP?

    I assume we're talking Illumina prices here too...

  2. Thank you also to Bridget Wells of Illumina for offering insights on genomic medicine for the scientific thriller, GRIDLOCK, by Alvin Ziegler. The book has surpassed 5,000 downloads in six weeks.

    Video Book Trailer here:


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