Monday 14 April 2014

Turning cancer genomics into an app for your kids phone

Cancer Research UK science has been turned into a game for your mobile: Genes in Space. The aim is to collect space rocks; to do this you need to map a route through the densest regions in space then fly though and catch as many as possible. The great thing is each time you play you're actually navigating through segmented breast-cancer copy-number data from the METABRIC project.

The video has a great "Frankie Goes to Hollywood backing track and the unforgettable strapline "You don't have to wear a labcoat to help cure cancer sooner."

The project was conceived by Carlos Caldas's group here at the Cambridge Institute. In 2013 CRUK science geeks and external computer geeks got together for a weekend of game design. You can see the development in the video below.

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