Saturday 6 June 2015

Chromosome linkage to disease

I'm often trying to find an image for a post and it can be tough trying to find something that can be used freely. The U.S. DOE has an image gallery from the Genomic Science program, which includes archived images from the Human Genome Project. Many of the images do not need permissions, simply credit the DOE Genomic Science program ( love their 2006 poster showing the numerous genetic disorders and traits mapped to specific chromosomes.

But I want more: Unfortunately I often can't find the kind of image I'm looking for...please let me know of good sites to use?

Update: I was contacted by Anna Hupalowska about her work, some wonderful stuff, take a look.

If anyone else gets in touch I'll start a list here of scientific illustrators for hire!


  1. Have you tried Wikimedia Commons? The search function is not great, but if you keep your search simple at first you can drill down to what you want. All images here can be freely reused. You can also request an image

  2. Really nice information. I never knew chromosomes has a link to disease. Thanks for the knowledge you've shared.

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