Monday 13 July 2015

Your genome for under £2000

Illumina have a new offer on their Understand Your Genome (UYG) program that means you can get your genome sequenced, analysed and clinically interpreted for under £2000.


Interested? Then there are a few requirements, mainly that you give informed consent and get a doctors prescription for the test. Your DNA is sent to Illumina's own Clinical Services Laboratory, CLIA-certified since 2009. The results will be reported to you at the first day of the ASHG meeting in Baltimore. Samples need to be with Illumina by July 31st giving them 67 days for sequencing and analysis.

You'll get back results on 12 genes important in pharmacogenomics, and hundreds of genes implicated in human disease. However you'll need to discuss any "medically significant results" with your GP, and you can ask not to receive some data back.
Sounds like a pretty good bargain given you'd need to sequence 50+ genomes to get close the $1000 genome from an X Ten provider. I'm not sure if you'll find out how much Neanderthal you're carrying around?

PS: If anyone fancies crowd-sourcing a Hadfieldome drop me a line, or my PayPal account is...


  1. With your lab's X-10 purchase, was there an additional charge of $400k on top of the $10million list price?

  2. Sounds a lot like 23andMe and we all know where that ended right? To the FDA's great displeasure, the real intention of the company was to accrue a huge databank of genomic information which they sold to Genentech for millions and have now turned themselves into a drug discovery company.

    I wonder if Illumina are thinking the same.


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