Wednesday 23 September 2015

Research Professional: making finding funding easier

I'm incredibly lucky because I don't usually need to write grants. My lab is core funded by CRUK to provide genomics services to the CRUK- Cambridge Institute. However I do like to keep an eye out for opportunities to bring funding in for specific projects.

Our very good grants team pointed me to a tool that the University subscribes to *Research Professional. Once logged in I can easily search for new funding opportunities, if you've never used it it could become one of your favourite websites.

Research Professional began as a (print) “newspaper for the research world" in 1994, and moved to the web in 2001. It make accessible the opportunities and information on research grants to registered users and may institutions have purchased access. If your host Institute does subscribe then you should certainly take a look! You can search very easily and follow links directly to funders websites. The site generally provides a good summary of funding criteria so you can quickly weed out opportunities that you will not be eligible for.

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