Friday 15 November 2013

How to access BaseSpace forums

If you are using Illumina's BaseSpace then you probably run into some of the same frustrations as myself and other users, however Illumina do provide a feedback mechanism and a forum to suggest ideas for development. Finding this can be a bit difficult so in order to remind myself next time I want to find it, and to help others who may be looking, I wrote this post.

Finding the forum: You need to log-in to BaseSpace and locate the "contact us" tab on the right hand side of the screen. When the contact us window appears (see below) you need to click the "browse ideas" link in very small text next to "Feedback".

BaseSpace Feedback pop-up window
This will take you through to the forum where you can see what others have suggested, make suggestions yourself and even vote on the things you think should be highest priority.

BaseSpace forums
 What are "hot" topics on the BaseSpace feedback forum: There are currently 53 feedback ideas on the list; 28 completed and 15 planned. The top three ideas are:
  1. Upload own reference genome, 54 votes.
  2. Add Experiment Manager to BaseSpace, 20 votes.
  3. Create and delete projects, 19 votes.

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