Monday 16 December 2013

Will anyone get his or her genome sequenced at AGBT this year?

Given HiSeq 2500 and Ion Proton it is entirely possible for someone to sequence their genome in the Illumina or Life-Tech booth’s at AGBT, so will anyone attempt it?

I am sure there would be strong interest from the AGBT community. So what’s stopping this from happening? Illumina’s UYG events have proven to be popular (The Guardian has a great article), and there is an Illumina "genome in a day" dataset at the ENA. So what are the technical, ethical and/or analysis hurdles that mean we can't sequence a genome during five days AGBT? Maybe getting the sequencing done as part of the PGP would help?

Come on Illumina and Life-Tech: we’ll give you a sample on Wednesday morning, you give us a genome and we’ll organise a discussion on Friday before the party.


  1. Technical hurdles: setting up a lab in an hotel room, maybe? Did you ever install a HiSeq machine (I assume yes)?

  2. OK converting a hotle room to a lab is not going to be easy/possible. But let's not forget the Ion bus, and there are 13 HiSeq's in Miami. Illumina only need to "borrow" one for a day.

  3. How about the microbiome of the Marriot on a Miseq? It'd be a hell of a lot easier to set up a Miseq in their suite than a Hiseq, then just swab the doorknob of the main hall or something.

  4. Would like to see the microbiome of the Mariott compared to the Hilton neighbors...probably identical after AGBT.


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