Wednesday 1 February 2012

Oxford Nanopore confirmed at AGBT

ONT will be speaking at AGBT. 11:40 am-12:00 pm

Clive Brown, their Chief Technology Officer will be talking about “Single Molecule ‘Strand’ Sequencing Using Protein Nanopores and Scalable Electronic Devices” just before lunch on Friday at 11:40. But only for 20 minutes.

Back in April last year Clive posted on SEQanswers "What if your reads were over 100kb, very accurate and you had a mountain of them?"

See you there.

PS: Illumina licensed ONTs exonuclease sequencing methods only, and I am not sure what deal they have on the strand sequencing methods. Either exonuclease is going to come out in a blast of publicity later in the year or Illumina will need to negotiate again over strand sequencing.


  1. James - Clive also ominously posted something along the lines of "The days of short reads are numbered" on LinkedIn recently. It remains to be seen I guess! Fingers crossed for some news at AGBT. Will see you there no doubt.

  2. See this article on InSequence:

  3. How to do you scale protein pores to 1-10M or higher parallelism? My bet is that the results they present will look good but they will waffle on the throughput issue.

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