Monday 6 February 2012

My AGBT poster

I will be at this years AGBT and will be presenting poster number 124: " – mapping the world’s sequencers" on Thursday, February 16th from 1:10pm to 2:40pm. Come and say hello and see if your lab is on the map, I may even be wearing my new PacBio cufflinks!

This year I have put together a poster describing the google map of next-generation sequencers that myself and Nick Loman produce. I am sure many of you are already aware of the map and hopefully have your labs and NGS instruments on their as well.

The map has been changed little in two years. But when Nick came on board he made it possible for users to add themselves easily and has built the map on top of a database that allows us to pull out some interesting stats. There are now over 1800 NGS instruments in 650 labs across 45 countries, which is about 60-70% of installs. Over 150,000 page views suggests that a large number of people using NGS are also curious about who else has one.

There is an interesting graph on my map plotting the growth (and decline) of the major platforms. It is clear Illumina has the most sequencers out there today. However there appears to be a ten to one difference in Ion vs MiSeq, first-to-market is very powerful but will it last?

We are also looking for feedback from users about how the map should be developed, and have created a survey to help with this for you to complete. Would you like to see maps for other technologies (we are thinking of Proteomics and Flow Cytometry to begin with). We are also looking to introduce some features to make finding a service provider much easier. If you would like to advertise your core-facility or commercial service provision company onthe site do get in touch.

As users ourselves, we do understand that people require different levels of service, and that core facilities and commercial service providers work differently. Some users will require sequencing only, whilst others may want to access library prep or Bioinformatic services.

We really want your feedback so please stop by the poster and say Hi.

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  1. Hi James,
    Thanks for adding us (Asuragen) to OmicsMaps! I definitely think it is a great resource. Hopefully after AGBT you will get even more views/usage (that might be a fun plot to see).
    -Adam Marko


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