Saturday 6 July 2013

The GenomeWeb effect

Dan Kobolt wrote a pair of articles about why he suggests you start blogging. In the first he talks about why you should, and perhaps why you would not, start blogging. I'd certainly encourage people to start, it's fun, free and the feedback can be great. Many people leave comments on this blog and I get emails from readers about blogs they'd like to see written. I'm also seeing blogs get +1's now, although I'm not really up to speed with that particular social networking.

The traffic I get to my blog is a real inspiration to keep writing. I regularly meet people who read my blog at conferences and other meetings, although no-one's bought me a beer because they liked it so much! I do keep an eye on my stats and occasionally get a massive spike in readers. Usually this is because GenomeWeb has covered one of my blog posts and the numbers of readers can reach over 1000 a day. I'm sure other bloggers see the same effect on their sites too.

I call this spike "the GenomeWeb effect".

The GenomeWeb effct in action on Core Genomics

Thanks GenomeWeb, I know you can't make them stay but at least you're sending them my way occasionally.

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