Thursday 26 June 2014

Dear Santa (read Jay Flatley)

How may days till Christmas...

Dear Santa,
      I know this might be a little early but I thought I’d start my Christmas list. My presents came a little late last year, and there was nothing under the tree on Christmas morning (you should've heard me crying). I found out they were on their way just before going on holiday to Florida in February and got an update from some of your elves while I was there. I even managed to talk to you about the toys my big brothers got, but that I an NOT allowed to play with!
     Our shiny new HiSeq 2500 with its v4 chemistry is a really grown up toy and we’re just working out how all the bits go together. So far so good. Now I'm thinking about what I'd like this Christmas...

1) A clustering method that gets me 300M reads (+/- 5%) every single lane.
2) Stranded RNA-seq methods for DGE that are fast and cheap.
3) Long-read RNA-seq methods for isoform analysis
4) Exomes that work really well using your new PE125 run chemistry.
5) Even more free storage on my free BaseSpace account.

    I specifically do not want 0.1 of a HiSeq X Ten. Those things really should come in big packages; at least until we've worked all the bugs out of our 2500's and got our moneys worth. I hope you enjoyed your last six months on holiday, best of luck with planning Christmas.
     James (aged 8)

PS: how's are the Nanopore or MiSeq X coming along?

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  1. Dear Jay,

    Package with 2 and 3 are on the way to you.
    It will be definitely delivered before Christmas - it is passing Customs now by reviewers.
    Enjoy when you get it!




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