Wednesday 5 November 2014

250bp paired-end on your HiSeq 2500...up yours X Ten ;-)

The 250bp paired-end HiSeq rapid run kits are almost here! Expect to get 150M reads per lane or more on the current rapid flowcells. What will you do with 150M 500bp OPES?

No word on pricing yet, and I could not find any PE250 data on BaseSpace. Looking forward to finding out more...

Update: pricing on PE250! I was sent some data on the PE250 and a lane is going to cost under $3000 (see below), expect to get >75% of bases >Q30 at 2x250b. Sounds pretty cool. How many of these we'll run in a year I'm not sure but this could open up lots of interesting opportunities for RNA-seq, Structural Variants, small genome assemblies, etc. Shipping in November 2014!

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