Wednesday 20 May 2015

How many MinIONs can you fit in a PacBio?

6310 MinIONs fit inside one PacBIO!

London Calling: No-one who is interested in NGS can have missed the developments from Oxford Nanopore, Twitter was on fire last week during the London Calling event and there are some great reviews of what went on for those of us who could not be there.

The highlights: MinION MKII (3,000 pores), new 'crumpet' chips that separate the nanopores from the ASIC dropping flowcell costs significantly, PromethION (144,000 pores), Voltrax (automated embedded sample prep), fast sequencing (up to 1000bp sec). Coming soon...40 gigabases per run on MinION, 120Gb on MinIon MkII, and 6.4Tb on PromethIon!!! Pay-as-you-go sequencing and slurping DNA back-and-forth or throwing away Human DNA in a metagenomics study - the future is looking a greenish shade of grey.

The coverage: OmicsOmics has fantastic coverage, and storified day 1 and day 2. Julia Karow has a great roundup on GenomeWeb. Other coverage includes a superb round up on DNA coil (Eric van der Helm in Denmark) with lots of links to talks, BioIT World, PHG, NextGenSeek, and you can get the following talks: Nick LomanION, Jared Simpson, Richard Leggett. Ewan Birney spoke about the Minion Analysis and Reference Consortium (MARC). How soon before NA12878 is sequenced on a nanopore?

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