Saturday 13 February 2016

AGBT16 day 4: KAPA HyperDrive

Saturday, February 13, 2016 12:12:

Ross Wadsworth, KAPA Biosystems “Hyper Drive: high performance, streamlined workflows for RNA-seq and target enrichment”. KAPA Hyper (Covaris frag, fast efficient library prep), KAPA Hyper+ (enzymatic frag, fast efficient library prep), now RNA is getting the Kapa touch!

The RNA-seq workflow: mRNA enrichment or ribodepletion, library prep, RNA frag, ds-cDNA into A-tailing, ligation and PCR, generally takes about 10 hours. KAPA have had a standard RNA-seq prep for a while but it was very similar to competitors kits. KAPA's new RNA-HyperPrep combines 2nd strand synth, cleanup and a-tailing into one reaction then straight into adapter ligation for a single tube format.

Ross showed some data from MAQC UHRR 100ng input and comparisons to amplified libraries. Libraries had minimal adapter dimers, had very high concordance to other kits, also works at extreme total RNA inputs (down to 5ng) and even these correlations were excellent. He presented a slide which showed improved read coverage in GC regions compared to competitors.

RNA HyperDrive is not on the website yet, so go visit the KAPA booth!

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