Saturday 17 May 2014

DNA technology symposium at Illumina's headquarters in Cambridge

I've just returned from Illumina's 2014 scientific summit in Prague which was a great meeting with loads of interesting speakers, great food (check out this restaurant if you're ever in Prague) and lots of opportunity for engagement with other users as well as Illumina executives. Illumina do put on a good show, so here's details of an event in September.

Illumina's DNA technology symposium: Illumina are organising an open and free-of-charge technology symposium on the 5th of September 2014. The list of speakers is excellent, and it should be a great opportunity to hear the latest in developments around DNA replication, the structure and function of DNA polymerases, DNA modification and epigenetics, sequencing technologies and other biotechnological applications.

Shankar Balasubramanian (UoC Department of Chemistry and the Cambridge Institute) gives the keynote presentation: "The wider alphabet in DNA". Joe Boutell (Illumina) will give a presentation on the development of Illumina from 1G to 1T and other speakers are - Hagan Bayley (ONT), Thomas Kunkel (NIH), Andy Gardner (NEB), Myron Goodman (USC), Tom Brown (Oxford)Andreas Marx, (University of Konstanz), Chris Torrance (Horizon Diagnostics), Julian Sale (LMB), Lyn Chitty (Great Ormond Street Hospital), and David Bentley.

Tour Illumina: Illumina are also giving an opportunity to visit their R&D labs. Bring your hidden microphone, shirt button cameras and deep pockets!

There are only 100 spaces available so get registered ASAP.

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