Tuesday 11 February 2014

Bloggers at AGBT, and blogs about bloggers...

AGBT is not all hard work; there's blogs to be written, Tweets to tweet and drinks to be drunk. Coverage from Bloggers and Tweeters is usually pretty good and makes up a little for not actually getting there, I know as I missed last year and caught up online.
Keep an eye on #AGBT and #notAGBT, as well GenomeWeb of course!

I just discovered The Science Web who are "putting the "omic" into comical". I'd recommend it if you want a light-hearted look at science. Apparently next year we'll all be gathering in North Korea! And they've a follow-up on Crap-Bio's SHT-seq system which we've been waiting for for far too long. Another recent post over at pokes fun at the science blogging community: Science blogging community makes contact with the outside world, we'll have to get our own back!

See you there, it's a shame it's going to rain for the next two days!

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