Friday 14 February 2014

Everything you need to know about NGS library prep...almost

Jacques Retief (Sr. Manager Scientific Affairs at Illumina) has produced a phenomenal poster with graphics for over NGS 50 methods. If you've ever wanted to know how MAINE-seq, smMIP, ATAC-seq or just about anything else worked then Jaques helpfully provides a graphic of each method and the reference as well.

An image of the whole poster here would not do it sufficient justice so I'll stick to a few of the graphics and a link. Go get it, print it out and hang it on your bedroom wall!


  1. for hanging on the wall the real poster would be nice ;)

  2. Does anyone know whether the physical poster is available? Thanks for pointing this one out.

  3. i got one on the probably yes

  4. Jacques mentioned at #AGBT14 that the poster will be available for download end of March via the Illumina website.


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