Saturday 15 February 2014

The best talk at ABGT so far

This years AGBT has again been a full program from dawn to dusk (or later). This year my favourite session has been Fridays Genomic Technologies Development session. It was the most technologically focused session with five great talks and one that I thought was outstanding.

Patrick Stahl from Joakim Lundeberg's lab and gave an overview of the groups work. I covered this on my blog in April last year but since then they've developed some wonderful looking software to allow visualisation of the digital tissue section and overlay of gene expression results.

Imagine the Oncotype DX, PAM50 or Mammaprint performed directly on a tumour section, where gene expression can be turned on and off giving something very much like a highly-multiplexed RNA-FISH.

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the publication and getting my hands on the technology in the near future.

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  1. There is a similar work also from SciLifeLab:


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